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A1-P-2014.10A. Demirel, J. Niegemann, K. Busch, M. Hochbruck
Efficient multiple time-stepping algorithms of higher order
Journal of Computational Physics 285 (2015) 133-148
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A1-P-2014.22M. Magrakvelidze, D. M. Anstine, G. Dixit, M. E. Madjet, H. S. Chakraborty
Attosecond structures from the molecular cavity in fullerene photoemission time delay
Physical Review A 91 (2015) 053407/1-5
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A1-P-2014.23T. Barillot, C. Cauchy, P.-A. Hervieux, M. Gisselbrecht, S. E. Canton, P. Johnsson, J. Laksman, E. P. Mansson, J. M. Dahlstroem, M. Magrakvelidze, G. Dixit, M. E. Madjet, H. S. Chakraborty, E. Suraud, P. M. Dinh, P. Wopperer, K. Hansen, V. Loriot, C. Bordas, S. Sorensen, F. Lépine
Angular asymmetry and attosecond time delay from the giant plasmon resonance in C60 photoionization
Physical Review A 91 (2015) 033413/1-5
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A1-P-2015.01P. G. Hawkins, M. Yu. Ivanov, V. S. Yakovlev
Effect of multiple conduction bands on high-harmonics emission from dielectrics
Physical Review A 91 (2015) 013405/1-5
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A1-P-2015.02González de Alaiza Martinez, P. , Babushkin, A., Bergé, L., Skupin, S., Cabrera-Granado, E., Köhler, C., Morgner, U., Husakou, A., Herrmann J.
Boosting terahertz generation in laser-field ionized gases using a sawtooth wave shape
Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 183901/1-5
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A1-P-2015.03F. Intravaia, K. Busch
Fluorescence in nonlocal dissipative periodic structures
Physical Review A 91 (2015) 053836/1-13
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A1-P-2015.04L. Medisauskas, F. Morales, A. Palacios, A. Gonzalez-Castrillo, L. Plimak, O. Smirnova, F. Martin, M. Ivanov
Signatures of attosecond electronic-nuclear dynamics in the one-photon ionization of molecular hydrogen: analytical model versus ab inition calculations
New Journal of Physics 17 (2015) 053011/1-13
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A1-P-2015.05M. Magrakvelidze, M. E. Madjet, G. Dixit, M. Ivanov, H. S. Chakraborty
Attosecond time delay in valence photoionization and photorecombination of argon: A time-dependent local-density-approximation study
Physical Review A 91 (2015) 063415/1-7
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A1-P-2015.06F. Intravaia, V. E. Mkrtchian, S. Y. Buhmann, S. Scheel, D. A. R. Dalvit, C. Henkel
Friction forces on atoms after acceleration
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 27 (2015) 214020/1-19
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A1-P-2015.07B. Schröder, T. Weber, S. V. Yalunin, T. Kiel, C. Matyssek, M. Sivis, S. Schäfer, von Cube, F., S. Irsen, K. Busch, C. Ropers, S. Linden
Real-space imaging of nanotip plasmons using electron energy loss spectroscopy
Physical Review B 92 (2015) 085411/1-7
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A1-P-2015.08A. Husakou, S.-J. Im, K.-H. Kim, J. Herrmann
High harmonic generation assisted by metal nanostructures and nanoparticles
in: Progress in Nonlinear Nano-Optics, Part VII S. Sakabe, C. Lienau, R. Grunwald (Eds.), Springer International Publishing, (2015) p. 251-268
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A1-P-2015.09L. Plimak, M. Ivanov, A. Aiello, S. Stenholm
Quantum theory of an electromagnetic observer: Classically behaving macroscopic systems and the emergence of classical world in quantum electrodynamics
Physical Review A 92 (2015) 022122/1-21
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A1-P-2015.10I. A. Fischer, T. Wendav, L. Augel, S. Jitpakdeebodin, F. Oliveira, A. Benedetti, A. Stefanov, S. Chiussi, G. Capellini, K. Busch, J. Schulze
Growth and characterization of SiGeSn quantum well photodiodes
Optics Express 23 (2015) 25048-25057
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A1-P-2015.11J. F. M. Werra, C. Wolff, C. Matyssek, K. Busch
Current sheets in the discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain method: an application to graphene
SPIE Proceedings Series 9502 (2015) 95020E/1-12
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A1-P-2015.17L. Medisauskas, S. Patchkovskii, A. Harvey, D. S. Brambila, C. Neidel, J. Klei, A. Rouzée, M. J. J. Vrakking, M. Yu. Ivanov
Initial electronic coherence in molecular dissociation induced by an attosecond pulse
Physical Review A 92 (2015) 053403/1-10
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A1-P-2015.18L. Plimak, M. Ivanov
Real-time quantum trajectories for classically allowed dynamics in strong laser fields
Journal of Modern Optics 62 (2015) 1510-1514
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A1-P-2015.19L. Medisauskas, J. Wragg, Van der Hart, H., M. Y. Ivanov
Generating isolated elliptically polarized attosecond pulses using bichromatinc counterrotating circularly polarized laser fields
Physical Review Letters 115 (2015) 153001/1-5
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A1-P-2015.20T. Balčiūnas, D. Lorenc, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova, A. M. Zheltikov, D. Dietze, K. Unterrainer, T. Rathje, G. G. Paulus, A. Baltuška, S. Haessler
CEP-stable tunable THz-emission originating from laser-waveform-controlled sub-cycle plasma-electron bursts
Optics Express 23 (2015) 15278-15289
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A1-P-2015.21B. Schwartz, M. Oehme, K. Kostecki, D. Widmann, M. Gollhofer, R. Koerner, S. Bechler, I. A. Fischer, T. Wendav, E. Kasper, J. Schulze, M. Kittler
Electroluminescence of GeSn/Ge MQW LEDs on Si substrate
Optics Letters 40 (2015) 3209-3212
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A1-P-2015.22T. Bredtmann, D. Diestler, S.-D. Li, J. Manz, J. F. Perez-Torres, W.-J. Tian, Y. Wu, Y. Yang, H.-J. Zhai
Quantum theory of concerted electronic and nuclear fluxes associated with adiabatic intramolecular processes
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2015) 29421-29464
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A1-P-2015.24A. Husakou, J. Herrmann, I. Kulagin, G. Boltaev, T. Usmanov
Quasi-phase-matched high-harmonic generation by modulation of metal nanoparticle density in a noble gas
Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems 18 (2015) 105-116
A1-P-2015.26I. Babushkin, A. Husakou
Control of THz radiation from gaseous plasmas produced by intense optical fields
Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems 18 (2015) 157-163
A2-P-2014.07F. Buchner, A. Nakayama, S. Yamazaki, H.-H. Ritze, A. Lübcke
Excited-state relaxation of hydrated thymine and thymidine measured by liquid-jet photoelectron spectroscopy: experiment and simulation
Journal of American Chemical Society 137 (2015) 2931-2938
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A2-P-2014.08I. V. Hertel, C. P. Schulz
Atoms, Molecules and Optical Physics 1: Atoms and Spectroscopy
Graduate Texts in Physics (2015) , 690 pages
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A2-P-2014.09I. V. Hertel, C. P. Schulz
Atoms, Molecules and Optical Physics 2 : Molecules and Photons - Spectroscopy and Collisions
Graduate Texts in Physics (2015) , 720 pages
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A2-P-2014.13F. G. Santomauro, A. Lübcke, J. Rittmann, E. Baldini, A. Ferrer, M. Silatani, P. Zimmermann, S. Grübel, J. Johnson, S. O. Mariager, P. Beaud, D. Grolimund, C. Borca, G. Ingold, S. Johnson, M. Chergui
Femtosecond X-ray absorption study of electron localization in photoexcited anatase TiO2
Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 14834/1-6
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A2-P-2014.15S. Höhm, M. Herzlieb, A. Rosenfeld, J. Krüger, J. Bonse
Laser-induced periodic surface structures on fused silica upon cross-polarized two-color double-fs-pulse irradiation
Applied Surface Science 336 (2015) 39-42
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A2-P-2014.16J. Bonse, R. Koter, M. Hartelt, D. Spaltmann, S. Pentzien, S. Höhm, A. Rosenfeld, J. Krüger
Tribological performance of femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on titanium and a high toughness bearing steel
Applied Surface Science 336 (2015) 21-27
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A2-P-2014.17A. Ferré, A. E. Boguslavskiy , M. Dagan , V. Blanchet , B. D. Bruner , F. Burgy , A. Camper , D. Descamps, B. Fabre, N. Fedorov, J. Gaudin, G. Georo, J. Mikosch, S. Patchkovskii, S. Petit, T. Ruchon, H. Soifer, D. Staedter, I. Wilkinson, A. Stolow, N. Dudovich, Y. Mairesse
Multi-channel electronic and vibrational dynamics in polyatomic resonant high-order harmonic generation
Nature Communications 6 (2015) 5952-5962
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A2-P-2014.25M. Eckstein, C. Yang , M. Kubin, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, H.-H. Ritze, M. J. J. Vrakking, O. Kornilov
Dynamics of N2 dissociation upon inner-valence ionization by wavelength-selected XUV pulses
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 (2015) 419-425
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A2-P-2014.26V. Despré, A. Marciniak, V. Loriot, M. C. E. Galbraith, A. Rouzée, M. J. J. Vrakking, F. Lépine, A. I. Kuleff
Attosecond hole migration in benzene molecules surviving nuclear motion
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 (2015) 426-431
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A2-P-2014.30A. Marciniak, V. Despré, T. Barillot, A. Rouzée, M. C. E. Galbraith, J. Klei, C-H. Yang, C. T. L. Smeenk, V. Loriot, Nagaprasad Reddy, S. , A. G. G. M. Tielens, S. Mahapatra, A. I. Kuleff, M. J. J. Vrakking, F. Lépine
XUV excitation followed by ultrafast non-adiabatic relaxation in PAH molecules as a femto-astrochemistry experiment
Nature Communications 6 (2015) 7909-7915
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A2-P-2014.32S. Höhm, M. Herzlieb, A. Rosenfeld, J. Krüger, J. Bonse
Femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on silicon upon polarization controlled two-color double-pulse irradiation
Optics Express 23 (2015) 61-71
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A2-P-2014.33B. Schütte, M. Arbeiter, T. Fennel, F. Campi, M. J. J. Vrakking, A. Rouzée
Recombination-induced autoionization process in rare-gas clusters
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XIX, Proceedings of the 19th International Conference, Okinawa Convention Center, Okinawa, Japan, July 7-11, 2014, 162 Kaoru Yamanouchi, Steven Cundiff, Regina de Vivie-Riedle, Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami, Louis DiMauro (Eds.), , (2015) p. 56-59
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A2-P-2015.01B. Schütte, J. Lahl, T. Oelze, M. Krikunova, M. J. J. Vrakking, A. Rouzée
Efficient autoionization following intense laser-cluster interactions
Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 123002/1-5
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A2-P-2015.02J. Bonse, S. Höhm, M. Hartelt, D. Spaltmann, S. Pentzien, R. Koter, S. Marschner, A. Rosenfeld, J. Krüger
Femtosecond laser-induced surface nanostructures for tribological applications
in: Optically Induced Nanostructures; Biomedical and Technical Applications, Karsten König, Andreas Ostendorf (Eds.), de Gruyter, Berlin (2015) p. 141-156
A2-P-2015.03B. Schütte, T. Oelze, M. Krikunova, M. Arbeiter, T. Fennel, M. J. J. Vrakking, A. Rouzée
Recombination dynamics of clusters in intense extreme-ultraviolet and near-infrared fields
New Journal of Physics 17 (2015) 033043/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.04O. Kornilov, J. P. Toennies
Para-hydrogen and helium cluster size distributions in free jet expansions based on Smoluchowski theory with kernel scaling
Journal of Chemical Physics 142 (2015) 074303/1-11
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.05O. Kornilov
The quantum halo state of the helium trimer
Science 348 (2015) 498-499
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A2-P-2015.06S. Höhm, M. Rohloff, J. Krüger, J. Bonse, A. Rosenfeld
Formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) on dielectrics and semiconductors upon double-femtosecond laser pulse irradiation sequences
in: Progress in Nonlinear Nano-Optics, (Eds.), Springer, Heidelberg (2015) p. 85-99
A2-P-2015.07S. Höhm, A. Rosenfeld, J. Krüger, J. Bonse
Laser-induced periodic surface structures on titanium upon single-and two-color femtosecond double-pulse irradiation
Optics Express 23 (2015) 25959-25971
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.09B. Schütte, T. Oelze, M. Krikunova, M. Arbeiter, T. Fennel, M. J. J. Vrakking, A. Rouzée
Real-time fragmentation dynamics of clusters ionized by intense extreme-ultraviolet pulses
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 48 (2015) 18101/1-7
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A2-P-2015.10H.-H. Ritze, A. Lübcke
Comment on "Charge transfer to solvent dynamics in iodide aqueous solution studied at ionization threshold" by A. Kothe, M. Wilke, A. Moguilevski, N. Engel, B. Winter, I. Y. Kiyan and E. F. Aziz, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2015, 17, 1918
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2015) 18193-18194
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.11J. Chaiken, J. Goodisman, O. Kornilov
Smoluchowski equations for agglomeration in conditions of variable temperature and pressure and a newscaling of rate constants: application to nozzle-beam expansion
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119 (2015) 6929-6936
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A2-P-2015.12V. Despré, A. Marciniak, T. Barillot, V. Loriot, A. Rouzée, M. J. J. Vrakking, F. Lépine
XUV Attosecond photoionization and related ultrafast processes in diatomic and large molecules
in: Ultrafast Dynamics Driven by Intense Light Pulses, M. Kitzler, S. Gräfe (Eds.), Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg (2015) p. 125-142
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.13B. Frietsch, J. Bowlan, R. Carley, M. Teichmann, S. Wienholdt, D. Hinzke, U. Nowak, K. Carva, P. M. Oppeneer, M. Weinelt
Disparate ultrafast dynamics of itinerant and localized magnetic moments in gadolinium metal
Nature Communications 6 (2015) 8262-8270
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.14M. Teichmann, B. Frietsch, K. Döbrich, R. Carley, M. Weinelt
Transient band structures in the ultrafast demagnetization of ferromagnetic gadolinium and terbium
Physical Review B 91 (2015) 014425/1-9
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.15B. Frietsch, J. Bowlan, R. Carley, M. Teichmann, J. Wolter, M. Weinelt
The valence band structure of Gadolinium studied with time-resolved photoemission
in: Ultrafast Magnetism I, Springer Proceedings in Physics, 159 (Eds.), Springer International Publishing Switzerland, (2015) p. 274-277
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.16D. Gugel, D. Niesner, C. Eickhoff, S. Wagner, M. Weinelt, T. Fauster
Two-photon photoemission from image-potential states of epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001)
2D Materials 2 (2015) 045001/1-9
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.17B. Schütte, M. Arbeiter, T. Fennel, G. Jabbarai, A. I. Kuleff, M. J. J.Vrakking, A. Rouzée
Observation of correlated electronic decay in expanding clusters triggered by near-infrared fields
Nature Communications 6 (2015) 8596/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.19F. Buchner, B. Heggen, H.-H. Ritze, W. Thiel, A. Lübcke
Excited-state dynamics of guanosine in aqueous solution revealed by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy: experiment and theory
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2015) 31978-31978
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.20D. Mongin, J. G. Slowik, E. Schubert, J.-G. Brisset, N. Berti, M. Moret, A. S. H. Prévôt, U. Baltensperger, J. Kasparian,, J.-P. Wolf
Non-linear photochemical pathways in laser-induced atmospheric aerosol formation
Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 14978/1-9
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.22B. Schütte, P. Weber, K. Kovács, E. Balogh, B. Major, V. Tosa, S. Han, M. J .J. Vrakking, K. Varjú, A. Rouzée
Bright attosecond soft X-ray pulse trains by transient phase-matching in two-color high-order harmonic generation
Optics Express 23 (2015) 33947-33955
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.23A. Trabattoni, M. Klinker, J. González-Vázquez, C. Liu, G. Sansone, R. Linguerri, M. Hochlaf, J. Klei, M. J. J. Vrakking, F. Martín, M. Nisoli, F. Calegari
Mapping the dissociative ionization dynamics of molecular nitrogen with attosecond time resolution
Physical Review X 5 (2015) 041053/1-11
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2015.25H. S. You, S. Han, J.-H. Yoon, J. S. Lim, J. Lee, S.-Y. Kim, D.-S. Ahn, J. S. Lim, S. K. Kim
Structure and dynamic role of conical intersections in the πσ*-mediated photodissociation reactions
International Reviews in Physical Chemistry 34 (2015) 429-459
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.20P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, X. Mateos, K. Yumashev, N. Kuleshov, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz
In-band-pumped Ho:KLu(WO4)2 microchip laser with 84% slope efficiency
Optics Letters 40 (2015) 344-347
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.21J. Michel, M. Beutler, I. Rimke, E. Büttner, P. Farinello, A. Agnesi, V. Petrov
High average power difference-frequency generation of picosecond mid-IR pulses at 80 MHz using an Yb-fiber laser pumped optical parametric oscillator
SPIE Proceedings Series 9347 (2015) 93470Q/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.22V. Petrov
Progress in 1-mm pumped mid-IR optical parametric oscillators based on non-oxide nonlinear crystals
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 21 (2015) 1602914/1-14
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.23N. Umemura, V. Petrov, V. V. Badikov, K. Kato
Temperature-tuned 90° phase-matched SHG and DFG in BaGa4S7
SPIE Proceedings Series 9347 (2015) 93470N/1-6
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.24Y. Zhang, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, X. Zhang, H. Yu, H. Zhang, J. Liu
Diode-pumped SESAM mode-locked Yb:CLNGG laser
Optics and Laser Technology 69 (2015) 144-147
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.26M. Beutler, I. Rimke, E. Büttner, P. Farinello, A. Agnesi, V. Badikov, D. Badikov, V. Petrov
Difference-frequency generation of ultrashort pulses in the mid-IR using Yb-fiber pump systems and AgGaSe2
Optics Express 23 (2015) 2730-2736
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.27J. M. Serres, P. A. Loiko, X. Mateos, K. V. Yumashev, N. V. Kuleshov, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz
Ho:KLuW microchip laser intracavity-pumped by a diode-pumped Tm:KLuW laser
Applied Physics B 120 (2015) 123-128
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.28J. M. Serres, P. Loiko, X. Mateos, K. Yumashev, N. V. Kuleshov, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz
Prospects of monoclinic Yb:KLu(WO4)2 crystal for multi-watt microchip lasers
Optical Materials Express 5 (2015) 661-667
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.30V. Petrov
Frequency down-conversion of solid-state laser sources to the mid-infrared spectral range using non-oxide nonlinear crystals
Progress in Quantum Electronics 42 (2015) 1-106
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.31P. Trabs, F. Noack, A. S. Aleksandrovsky, A. I. Zaitsev, N. V. Radionov, V. Petrov
Spectral fringes in non-phase-matched SHG and refinement of dispersion relations in the VUV
Optics Express 23 (2015) 10091-10096
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2014.32P. Loiko, X. Mateos, Y. Wang, Z. Pan, K. Yumashev, H. Zhang, U. Griebner, V. Petrov
Thermo-optic dispersion formulas for YCOB and GdCOB laser host crystals
Optical Materials Express 5 (2015) 1089-1092
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.01B. Oreshkov, S. Veronesi, M. Tonelli, di Lieto, A. , V. Petrov, U. Griebner, X. Mateos, I. Buchvarov
Tm3+:LiGdF4 laser, passively Q-switched with a Cr2+:ZnSe saturable absorber
IEEE Photonics Journal 7 (2015) 1502206/1-6
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.02T. Somoskoi, C. Vass, M. Mero, R. Mingesz, Z. Bozoki, K. Osvay
Comparison of simultaneous on-line optical and acoustic laser damage detection methods in the nanaosecond pulse duration domain
Laser Physics 25 (2015) 056002/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.03F. Guichard, A. Giree, Y. Zaouter, M. Hanna, G. Machinet, B. Debord, F. Gérome, P. Dupriez, F. Druon, C. Hönninger, E. Mottay, F. Benabid, P. Georges
Nonlinear compression of high energy fiber amplifier pulses in air-filled hypocycloid-core Kagome fiber
Optics Express 23 (2015) 7416-7423
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.04J. M. Serres, V. Jambunathan, X. Mateos, P. Loiko, A. Lucianetti, T. Mocek, K. Yumashev, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz
Graphene Q-switched compact Yb:YAG Laser
IEEE Photonics Journal 7 (2015) 1503307/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.05P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, X. Mateos, K. Yumashev, A. Yasukevich, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz
Subnanosecond Tm:KLuW microchip laser Q-switched by a Cr:ZnS saturable absorber
Optics Letters 40 (2015) 5220-5223
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.07P. Loiko, J. M. Serres, X. Mateos, K. Yumashev, A. Malyarevich, A. Onushchenko, V. Petrov, U. Griebner, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz
Ho:KLu(WO4)2 microchip laser Q-switched by a PbS quantum-dot-doped glass
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 27 (2015) 1795-1798
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.08P. Farinello, F. Pirzio, X. Zhang, V. Petrov, A. Agnesi
Efficient picosecond traveling-wave Raman conversion in a SrWO4 crystal pumped by multi-Watt MOPA lasers at 1064 nm
Applied Physics B 120 (2015) 731-735
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.09E. Boursier, P. Segonds, J. Debray, P. L. Inácio, V. Panyutin, V. Badikov, D. Badikov, V. Petrov, B. Boulanger
Angle noncritical phase-matched second-harmonic generation in the monoclinic crystal BaGa4Se7
Optics Letters 40 (2015) 4591-4594
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.13M. Mero, F. Noack, F. Bach, V. Petrov, M. J. J. Vrakking
High-average-power, 50-fs parametric amplifier front-end at 1.55 mm
Optics Express 23 (2015) 33157-33163
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2015.14A. A. Boyko, G. M. Marchev, V. Petrov, V. Pasiskevicius, D. B. Kolker, A. Zukauskas, N. Y. Kostyukova
Intracavity-pumped, cascaded AgGaSe2 optical parametric oscillator tunable from 5.8 to 18 mm
Optics Express 23 (2015) 33460-33465
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2014.10C. Schlesiger, L. Anklamm, H. Stiel, W. Malzer, B. Kanngiesser
XAFS spectroscopy by an X-ray tubed based spectrometer using a novel type HOPG mosaic crystal and an optimized image processing Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry
Spectrom.Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry online (2015)
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2014.11H. Stiel, A. Dehlinger, K. A. Janulewicz, R. Jung, H. Legall, C. Pratsch, C. Seim, J. Tuemmler
Nanoscale imaging using coherent and incoherent laboratory based soft x-ray sources
in: X-Ray Lasers 2014 - X-Ray Lasers 2014, Springer Proceedings in Physics of the 14th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers, online (Eds.), , (2015) p. 267-273
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2014.12C. Seim, K. Reineke, S. Werner, A. Dehlinger, H. Legall, H. Stiel, B. Kanngießer
High pressure treated Bacillus subtilis spores — Structural analysis by means of synchrotron and laboratory based soft X-ray microscopy
Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies online (2015)
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2014.13I. Mantouvalou, K. Witte, D. Grötzsch, M. Neitzel, S. Günther, J. Baumann, R. Jung, H. Stiel, B. Kanngießer, W. Sandner
High average power, highly brilliant laser-produced plasma source for soft X-ray spectroscopy
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (2015) 035116/1-9
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