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A1-P-2007.12U. Bovensiepen, C. Gahl, J. StÀhler, M. Bockstedte, F. Baletto, S. Scandolo, X.-Y. Zhu, A. Rubio, M. Wolf
A dynamic landscape from femtoseconds to minutes for electron solvation at ice-metal interface
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (2009) 979-988
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A1-P-2008.06M. Bertin, M. Meyer, J. StÀhler, C. Gahl, M. Wolf, U. Bovensiepen
Reactivity of water-electron complexes on crystalline ice surfaces
Faraday Discussions 141 (2009) 293-307
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A1-P-2008.12M. Donath, M. Pickel, A. B. Schmidt, M. Weinelt
Ferromagnetic Fe on Cu(001) throughout the fcc-like phase: Arguing from the viewpoint of the electronic structure
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 (2009) 134004/1-6
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A1-P-2008.13M. Kutschera, T. Groth, C. Kentsch, I. L. Shumay, M. Weinelt, Th. Fauster
Electronic structure of CoSi2 films on Si(111) studied using time-resolved two-photon photoemission
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 (2009) 134006/1-9
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A1-P-2008.15A. Mermillod-Blondin, J. Bonse, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, Yu. P. Meshcheryakov, N. M. Bulgakova, E. Audouard, R. Stoian
Dynamics of femtosecond laser induced voidlike structures in fused silica
Applied Physics Letters 94 (2009) 041911/1-3
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A1-P-2008.16W. Freyer, D. Brete, R. Schmidt, C. Gahl, R. Carley, M. Weinelt
Switching behavior and optical absorbance of azobenzene-functionalized alkanethiols in different environments
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A-Chemistry 204 (2009) 102-109
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A1-P-2008.17D. Dufft, A. Rosenfeld, S. K. Das, R. Grunwald, J. Bonse
Femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures revisited: a comparative study on ZnO
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (2009) 034908/1-9
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A1-P-2008.18C. Mauclair, G. Cheng, N. Huot, E. Audouard, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, R. Stoian
Dynamic ultrafast laser beam tailoring for parallel micromachining of photonic devices in transparent materials
Optics Express 17 (2009) 3531-3542
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A1-P-2009.01R. Stoian, C. Mauclair, A. Mermillod-Blondin, N. Huot, E. Audouard, J. Bonse, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel
Size corrections during ultrafast laser induced refractive index changes in bulk transparent materials
Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering 4 (2009) 45-50
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A1-P-2009.02H. Fidder, A. Lauer, W. Freyer, B. Koeppe, K. Heyne
Photochemistry of Anthracene-9,10-endoperoxide
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (2009) 6289-6296
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A1-P-2009.03J. Bonse, A. Rosenfeld, C. Grebing, G. Steinmeyer, N. Mailman, G. A. Botton
Ablation and structural changes induced in InP surfaces by single 10fs laser pulses in air
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (2009) 074907/1-7
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A1-P-2009.05A. Melnikov, H. Prima-Garcia, M. Lisowski, T. Gießel, R. Weber, R. Schmidt, C. Gahl, N. M. Bulgakova, U. Bovensiepen, M. Weinelt
Non-equilibrium spin-dynamics of Gd(0001) studied by time-resolved SGH and magnetic linear dichroism in 4f core-level photoemission
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, P. Corkum, Silvestri, S. de, K. A. Nelson, E. Riedle, R. W. Schoenlein (Eds.), Springer, Berlin (2009) p. 200-202
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A1-P-2009.06J. P. Colombier, E. Audouard, P. Combis, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, R. Stoian
Controlling energy coupling and particle ejection from aluminum surfaces irradiated with ultrashort laser pulses
Applied Surface Science 255 (2009) 9597-9600
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A1-P-2009.11C. Gahl, A. Azima, M. Beye, M. Deppe, K. Döbrich, U. Hasslinger, F. Hennies, A. Melnikov, M. Nagasono, A. Pietzsch, M. Wolf, W. Wurth, A. Föhlisch
X-ray induced transient optical reflectivity for fs X-ray/optical cross-correlation at Free-Electron Lasers
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, P. Corkum, S. de Silvestri, K. A. Nelson, E. Riedle, R. W. Schoenlein (Eds.), Springer, Berlin (2009) p. 137-139
A1-P-2009.12J. Bonse, A. Rosenfeld, J. KrĂŒger
On the role of surface plasmon polaritons in the formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures upon irradiation of silicon by femtosecond laser pulses
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (2009) 104910/1-5
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A1-P-2009.13S. Wagner, F. Leyssner, C. Kördel, S. Zarwell, R. Schmidt, M. Weinelt, K. RĂŒck-Braun, M. Wolf, P. Tegeder
Reversible photoisomerization of an azobenzene-functionalized self-assembled monolayer probed by sum-frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (2009) 6242-6248
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A2-P-2008.02P. Slavicek, B. Winter, M. Faubel, St. E. Bradforth, P. Jungwirth
Ionization energies of aqueous nucleic acids: Photoelectron spectroscopy of pyrimidine nucleosides and ab initio calculations
Journal of American Chemical Society 131 (2009) 6460-6467
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A2-P-2008.09I. V. Hertel, I. Shchatsinin, T. Laarmann, N. Zhavoronkov, H.-H. Ritze, C. P. Schulz
Fragmentation and ionization dynamics of C60 in elliptically polarized femtosecond laser fields
Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) 023003/1-4
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A2-P-2008.11J. GonzĂĄlez-VĂĄzquez, L. GonzĂĄlez, E. Samoylova, T. Schultz
Thymine relaxation after UV irradiation: the role of tautomerization and p s* states
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (2009) 3927-3934
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A2-P-2008.12E. Samoylova, W. Radloff, H.-H. Ritze, Th. Schultz
Observation of proton transfer in 2-aminopyridine dimer by electron and mass spectroscopy
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (2009) 8195–8201
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A2-P-2008.13G. Droppelmann, M. Mudrich, C. P. Schulz, F. Stienkemeier
Stability of two-component alkali clusters formed on helium nanodroplets
European Physical Journal D 52 (2009) 67-70
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A2-P-2009.01I. Shchatsinin, H.-H. Ritze, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel
Multiphoton excitation and ionization by elliptically polarized, intense short laser pulses: Recognizing multielectron dynamics and doorway states in C60 vs Xe
Physical Review A 79 (2009) 053414/1-17
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A2-P-2009.02B. Noller, M. Margraf, C. Schröter, T. Schultz
Excited-state lifetime of propadienylidene, 1-C3H2
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (2009) 5353-5357
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A2-P-2009.04H. T. Liu, J. P. MĂŒller, C. P. Schulz, C. Schröter, N. Zhavoronkov, I. V. Hertel
Ultrafast dynamics in Na-doped water clusters
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, 92 P. Corkum, Silvestri, S. de, K. A. Nelson, E. Riedle, R. W. Schoenlein (Eds.), Springer, Berlin (2009) p. 373-375
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A2-P-2009.05K. Kosma, C. Schröter, E. Samoylova, I. V. Hertel, T. Schultz
Excited-state dynamics of cytosine tautomers
Journal of American Chemical Society 131 (2009) 16939-16943
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A2-P-2009.07S. Betti, C. A. Cecchetti, E. Förster, A. Gamucci, A. Giulietti, D. Giulietti, T. KĂ€mpfer, P. Köster, L. Labate, T. Levato, A. LĂŒbcke, I. Uschmann, F. Zamponi, L. A. Gizzi
On the effect of rear-surface dielectric coatings on laser-driven proton acceleration
Physics of Plasmas 16 (2009) 100701/1-4
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A3-P-2007.37V. Badikov, K. Mitin, F. Noack, V. Panyutin, V. Petrov, A. Seryogin, G. Shevyrdyaeva
Orthorhombic nonlinear crystals of AgxGaxGe1-xSe2 for the mid-infrared spectral range
Optical Materials 31 (2009) 590-597
A3-P-2008.10A. V. Husakou, J. Herrmann
Chirped multilayer hollow waveguides with broadband transmission
Optics Express 17 (2009) 3025-3035
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A3-P-2008.11A. V. Husakou, J. Herrmann
High-power high-coherence supercontinuum generation in dielectric-coated metallic hollow waveguides
Optics Express 17 (2009) 12481-12492
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A3-P-2008.16I. Babushkin, F. Noack, J. Herrmann
Sub-10fs pulse generation in vacuum ultraviolet using chirped four wave mixing in hollow fibers
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, 92 (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg (2009) p. 762-764
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A3-P-2008.19M. Beutler, M. Ghotbi, F. Noack, D. Brida, C. Manzoni, G. Cerullo
Generation of high energy sub-20-fs pulses tunable in the 250nm-310nm region by frequency doubling of a high power non-collinear OPA
Optics Letters 34 (2009) 710-712
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A3-P-2008.21J. J. Carvajal, B. Raghothamachar, O. Silvestre, H. Chen, M. C. Pujol, V. Petrov, M. Dudley, M. AguilĂł, F. Diaz
Effect of structural stress on the laser quality of highly doped Yb:KY(WO4)2/ KY(WO4)2 and Yb:KLu(WO4)2/KLu(WO4)2 epitaxial structures
Crystal Growth & Design 9 (2009) 653-656
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A3-P-2008.22J. Liu, W. Han, H. Zhang, J. Wang, V. Petrov
Continuous-wave and Q-switched laser operation of the disordered Yb:Ca3(NbGa)2-xGa3O12 crystal
SPIE Proceedings Series 7193 (2009) 71932J/1-8
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A3-P-2008.23J. Liu, H. Yang, H. Zhang, J. Wang, V. Petrov
Polarization characteristics of a diode pumped Yb:GdCa4O(BO3)3 laser
SPIE Proceedings Series 7193 (2009) 71932K/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2008.24J. Liu, H. Zhang, X. Mateos, W. Han, V. Petrov
Lasing of Yb in a mixed YGdVO4 crystal with bistability and polarization switching
SPIE Proceedings Series 7193 (2009) 71930Q/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2008.25J. Liu, W. Han, H. Zhang, X. Mateos, V. Petrov
Comparative study of high-power continuous-wave laser performance of Yb-doped vanadate crystals
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 45 (2009) 807-815
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A3-P-2008.27M. Ghotbi, M. Beutler, V. Petrov, A. Gaydardzhiev, F. Noack
High energy, sub-30 fs near-IR pulses from a broadband optical parametric amplifier based on collinear interaction in BiB3O6
Optics Letters 34 (2009) 689-691
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2008.28V. Petrov, F. Noack, I. Tunchev, P. Schunemann, K. Zawilski
The nonlinear coefficient d36 of CdSiP2
SPIE Proceedings Series 7197 (2009) 71970M/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.01V. Petrov, M. Ghotbi, O. Kokabee, A. Esteban-Martin, F. Noack, A. Gaydardzhiev, I. Nikolov, P. Tzankov, I. Buchvarov, K. Miyata, A. Majchrowski, I. V. Kityk, F. Rotermund, E. Michalski, M. Ebrahim-Zadeh
Femtosecond nonlinear frequency conversion based on BiB3O6
Laser & Photonics Reviews 4 (2009) 53-98
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.02K. Miyata, F. Rotermund, V. Petrov
Efficient frequency doubling of a low-power femtosecond Er-fiber laser in BiB3O6
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 21 (2009) 1417-1419
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.03Y. Wan, W.-J. Han, J.-H. Liu, L.-H. Xia, X. Mateos, V. Petrov, H.-J. Zhang, J.-Y. Wang
Anisotropy in spectroscopic and laser properties of monoclinic Yb:KLu(WO4)2 crystal
Acta Physica Sinica 58 (2009) 278-284
A3-P-2009.04G. Marchev, A. Tyazhev, V. Vedenyapin, D. Kolker, A. Yelisseyev, S. Lobanov, L. Isaenko, J.-J. Zondy, V. Petrov
Nd:YAG pumped nanosecond optical parametric oscillator based on LiInSe2 with tunability extending from 4.7 to 8.7 mm
Optics Express 17 (2009) 13441-13446
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.05V. Petrov, P. G. Schunemann, K. T. Zawilski, T. M. Pollak
Noncritical singly resonant optical parametric oscillator operation near 6.2 mm based on a CdSiP2 crystal pumped at 1064 nm
Optics Letters 34 (2009) 2399-2401
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.06G. Marchev, A. Tyazhev, V. Vedenyapin, D. Kolker, A. Yelisseyev, S. Lobanov, L. Isaenko, J.-J. Zondy, V. Petrov
Broadly tunable LiInSe2 optical parametric oscillator pumped by a Nd:YAG laser
SPIE Proceedings Series 7487 (2009) 74870F/1-9
A3-P-2009.07S. Vatnik, M. C. Pujol, J. J. Carvajal, X. Mateos, M. AguilĂł, F. Diaz, V. Petrov
Thermo-optic coefficients of monoclinic KLu(WO4)2
Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics 95 (2009) 653-656
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.08N. Thilmann, G. Strömqvist, M. C. Pujol, V. Pasiskevicius, V. Petrov, F. Diaz
Nonlinear refractive indices in Yb3+-doped and undoped monoclinic double tungstates KRE(WO4)2 where RE=Gd, Y, Yb, Lu
Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics 96 (2009) 385-392
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.10W. B. Cho, A. Schmidt, J. H. Yim, S. Y. Choi, S. Lee, F. Rotermund, U. Griebner, G. Steinmeyer, V. Petrov, X. Mateos, M. C. Pujol, J. J. Carvajal, M. Aguilo, F. Diaz
Passive mode-locking of a Tm-doped bulk laser near 2 mm using a carbon nanotube saturable absorber
Optics Express 17 (2009) 11007-11012
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.11R. Driben, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann
Low-threshold supercontinuum generation in glasses doped with silver nanoparticles
Optics Express 17 (2009) 17989-17995
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.12R. Driben, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann
Supercontinuum generation in aqueous colloids containing silver nanoparticles
Optics Letters 34 (2009) 2132-2134
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.13A. V. Husakou, J. Herrmann
Soliton-effect pulse compression in the single-cycle region in broadband dielectric-coated metallic hollow waveguides
Optics Express 17 (2009) 17636-17644
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.14J. Herrmann, I. Babushkin, F. Noack
Sub-10fs pulse generation in vacuum ultraviolet using chirped four wave mixing in hollow fibers
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, P. Corkum, Silvestri, S. de , K. A. Nelson, E. Riedle, R. W. Schoenlein (Eds.), Springer , Berlin (2009) p. 762-764
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.15J. Herrmann, A. Husakou
Generation of high-power visible and UV/VUV supercontinua and self-compressed single-cycle pulses in metal-dielectric hollow waveguides
in: Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, P. Corkum, Silvestri, S. de , K. A. Nelson, E. Riedle, R. W. Schoenlein (Eds.), Springer, Berlin (2009) p. 831-833
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.16S. J. Im, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann
Guiding properties and dispersion control of kagome lattice hollow-core photonic crystal fibers
Optics Express 17 (2009) 13050-13058
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.17H. Iliev, D. Chuchumishev, I. Buchvarov, V. Petrov
Diode-pumped passively mode-locked laser using SHG in periodically poled crystals
SPIE Proceedings Series 7501 (2009) 750106/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.23A. Peremans, D. Lis, F. Cecchet, P. G. Schunemann, K. T. Zawilski, V. Petrov
Noncritical singly resonant synchronously pumped OPO for generation of picosecond pulses in the mid-infrared near 6.4 mm
Optics Letters 34 (2009) 3053-3055
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.24V. Petrov, A. Gaydardzhiev, M. Ghotbi, I. Nikolov, I. Buchvarov, P. Tzankov, F. Noack
Femtosecond optical parametric generators and amplifiers for the near infrared based on BiB3O6
SPIE Proceedings Series 7501 (2009) 750102/1-10
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.28N. I. Zhavoronkov
Control of compression dynamics by spatial adjustable femtosecond filamentation
Laser Physics Letters 6 (2009) 806-812
A3-P-2009.29N. Zhavoronkov
Fine control of self-compression dynamics in a femtosecond filament
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 11 (2009) 12521/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2009.33J. Herrmann
Diffusion in the special theory of relativity
Physical Review E 80 (2009) 051110/1-9
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2008.02A. A. Andreev, S. Steinke, T. Sokollik, M. SchnĂŒrer, S. Ter Avetsiyan, K. Yu.Platonov, P. V. Nickles
Optimal ion acceleration from ultra-thin foils irradiated by a profiled laser pulse of relativistic intensity
Physics of Plasmas 16 (2009) 013103/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2008.04H. Legall, H. Stiel, M. SchnĂŒrer, M. Pagels, B. Kanngießer, M. Mueller, B. Beckhoff, I. Gregorieva, A. Antonov, V. Arkadiev, A. Bjeoumikhov
An efficient X-ray spectrometer based on thin mosaic crystal films and its application in various fields of X-ray spectroscopy
Journal of Applied Crystallography 42 (2009) 572-579
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2008.05S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. SchnĂŒrer, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner , T. Nakamura, K. Mima
Correlation of spectral, spatial, and angular characteristics of an ultrashort laser driven proton source
Physics of Plasmas 16 (2009) 043108/1-6
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2008.07T. Sokollik, M. SchnĂŒrer, S. Steinke, P.V. Nickles, W. Sandner, M. Amin, T. Toncian, O. Willi,, A. A. Andreev
Directional laser driven ion-acceleration from micro-spheres
Physical Review Letters 103 (2009) 135003-135004
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.01J. Tuemmler, R. Jung, H. Stiel, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner
High-repetition-rate chirped-pulse-amplification thin-disk laser system with joule-level pulse energy
Optics Letters 34 (2009) 1378-1380
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.02H. Stiel, J. Tuemmler, R. Jung, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner
X-ray laser takes the 100 Hz barrier
SPIE Proceedings Series 7451 (2009) 745109-1
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.03H. T. Kim, C. M. Kim, K. A. Janulewicz, K. T. Kim, I. J. Kim, T. J. Yu, S. K. Lee, HJ. H. Sung, I. W. Choi, H. Stiel, J. Tuemmler, T. Mocek, J. Nejdl, M. KozlovĂĄ
Research on the seeding of high-energy harmonic pulse into an x-ray lasing medium
SPIE Proceedings Series 7451 (2009) 74510W/1-8
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.04S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. SchnĂŒrer, T. Sokollik, P.V. Nickles, W. Sandner, U. Stein, D. Habs, T. Nakamura, K. Mima
Electron sheath dynamics and structure in intense laser driven ion acceleration
Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 175 (2009) 117-121
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.07S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. SchnĂŒrer, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner , A. A. Andreev, T. Nakamura, K. Mima
Characterization and control of ion sources from ultra-short high-intensity laser-foil interaction
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 51 (2009) 124046-124055
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.08T. Sokollik, M. SchnĂŒrer, S. Ter-Avetisyan, S. Steinke, P.V. Nickles, W. Sandner, M. Amin, T. Toncian, O. Willi, A.A. Andreev
Proton imaging of laser irradiated foils and mass-limited targets
AIP Conference Proceedings 1153 (2009) 364-373
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.09P.V. Nickles, M. SchnĂŒrer, S. Steinke, T. Sokollik, S. Ter-Avetisyan, A. Andreev , W. Sandner
Generation and manipulation of proton beams by ultra-short laser pulses
AIP Conference Proceedings 1153 (2009) 140-150
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.10S. Ter-Avetsiyan, B.Ramakrishna, D. Doria, G. Sarri, M. Zepf, M. Borghesi, L. Ehrentraut, H. Stiel, S. Steinke, G. Priebe, M. SchnĂŒrer , P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner
Complementary ion and extreme ultra-violet spectrometer for laser-plasma diagnosis
Review of Scientific Instruments 80 (2009) 103302/1-5
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2009.11A. Henig, S. Steinke, M. SchnĂŒrer, T. Sokollik, R. Hörlein, D. Kiefer, D. Jung, J. Schreiber, B. M. Hegelich, X. Q. Yan, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, T. Tajima, P.V. Nickles, W. Sandner, D. Habs
Radiation-pressure acceleration of ion beams driven by circularly polarized laser pulses
Physical Review Letters 103 (2009) 245003/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.10D. MiloĆĄevic, E. Hasovic, S. Odzak, M. Busuladzic, A. Gasibegovic-Busuladzic, W. Becker
New Results in Above-Threshold Ionization and High-Order Harmonic Generation of Atomic and Molecular Systems
Laser Physics 19 (2009) 185-190
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.15H. Rottke, O. Guyétand, M. Gisselbrecht, A. Huetz, P. Agostini, B. Carré, P. Breger, O. Gobert, D. Garzella, J.-F. Hergott, O. Tcherbakoff, H. Merdji, M. Bougeard, M. Böttcher, N. Zhavoronkov, Z. Ansari, W. Sandner, P. Antoine, L.F. DiMauro
Photoionization in combined ultra short XUV and infrared laser pulses
Journal of Physics Conference Series 141 (2009) 12015-12015
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.16A. Cerkic, D. B. Milosevic
The role of incoherent scattering in laser-induced and laser-assisted processes
Laser Physics 19 (2009) 783-790
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.17S. Odzak, D. B. Milosevic
Interference effects in high-order harmonic generation by homonuclear diatomic molecules
Physical Review A 79 (2009) 023414/1-12
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.18B. Manschwetus, T. Nubbemeyer, K. Gorling, G. Steinmeyer, U. Eichmann, H. Rottke, W. Sandner
Strong laser field fragmentation of H2: Coulomb explosion without double ionization
Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) 113002/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.19T. Nubbemeyer, U. Eichmann, W. Sandner
Excited neutral atomic fragments in the strong-field dissociation of N2 molecules
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 42 (2009) 134010/1-5
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.20A. Cerkic, E. Hasovic, D.B. Milosevic, W. Becker
High-order above-threshold ionization beyond the first-order Born approximation
Physical Review A 79 (2009) 033413/1-12
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.22H. R. Reiss
Special analytical properties of ultrastrong coherent fields
European Physical Journal D 55 (2009) 365-374
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.23H. R. Reiss
Novel phenomena in very-low-frequency strong fields
Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) 143003/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.24V. I. Usachenko, P. E. Pyak, V. V. Kim
Comparative study of strong-field ionization in laser-irradiated F2 and other diatomic molecules: Density-functional-theory-based molecular strong-field approximation
Physical Review A 79 (2009) 023415/1-12
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2008.25M. Lezius, Z. Ansari, M. Böttcher, B. Manschwetus, W. Sandner, A. Verhoef, G.G. Paulus, A. Saenz, D.B. Milosevic, H. Rottke
Attosecond coincidence spectroscopy of diatomic molecules
Ultrafast Phenomena XVI Proceedings of the 16th International Conference, Springer Series in Chemical Physics 92 (2009) 78
B2-P-2009.01S OdĆŸak, D B MiloĆĄevic'
Molecular high-order harmonic generation: analysis of a destructive interference condition
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 42 (2009) 071001/1-6
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