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A1-P-2002.06W. Freyer, S. M√ľller, K. Teuchner
Photophysical properties of benzoannelated metal-free phthalocyanines
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A-Chemistry 163 (2004) 231-240
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A1-P-2002.08B. Winter, R. Weber, W. Widdra, M. Dittmar, M. Faubel, I. V. Hertel
Full valence band photoemission from liquid water using EUV synchrotron radiation
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 108 (2004) 2625-2632
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A1-P-2003.03K. Heister, S. Frey, A. Ulman, M. Grunze, M. Zharnikov
Irradiation sensitivity of self-assembled monolayers with an introduced "Weak Link"
Langmuir 20 (2004) 1222-1227
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A1-P-2003.07R. L. Weber, B. Winter, P. M. Schmidt, W. Widdra, I. V. Hertel, M. Dittmar, M. Faubel
Photoemission from aqueous alkali-metal - salt iodide solutions using EUV synchrotron
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (2004) 4729-4736
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A1-P-2003.10E. Koudoumas, M. Spyridaki, R. Stoian, A. Rosenfeld, P. Tzanetakis, I. V. Hertel, C. Fotakis
Influence of pulse temporal manipulation on the properties of laser ablated Si ion beams
Thin Solid Films 453-454 (2004) 372-376
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A1-P-2003.11N. M. Bulgakova, R. Stoian, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, E. E. B. Campbell
Electronic transport and consequences for material removal in ultrafast pulsed laser ablation of material
Physical Review B 69 (2004) 054102/1-12
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A1-P-2003.12D. Bröcker, T. Gießel, W. Widdra
Charge carrier dynamics at the SiO2/Si(100) surface: A time-resolved photoemission study with combined laser and synchrotron radiation
Chemical Physics 299 (2004) 247-251
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A1-P-2003.14C. Stanciu, R. Ehlich, I. V. Hertel
Photopolymerization of C60 and Li@C60 studied by second harmonic generation and infrared spectroscopy
Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing 79 (2004) 515-520
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A1-P-2003.15O. Henneberg, T. Geue, U. Pietsch, M. Saphiannikova, B. Winter
Investigation of azobenzene side group orientation in polymer surface relief gratings by means of photoelectron spectroscopy
Applied Physics Letters 84 (2004) 1561-1563
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A1-P-2003.16D. Pop, B. Winter, W. Freyer, R. Weber, W. Widdra, I. V. Hertel
Photoelectron spectroscopy on thin films of extended copper porphyrazines
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (2004) 9158-9167
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A1-P-2003.17G. Turri, G. Snell, B. Langer, M. Martins, E. Kukk, S. E. Canton, R. C. Bilodeau, N. Cherepkov, J. D. Bozek, A. L. Kilcoyne, N. Berrah
Probing the molecular environment using spin-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 013001/1-4
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A1-P-2003.18N. M. Bulgakova, R. Stoian, A. Rosenfeld, E. E. B. Campbell, I. V. Hertel
Model description of surface charging during ultrafast laser ablation of materials
Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing 79 (2004) 1153-1155
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A1-P-2003.19C. Stanciu, R. Ehlich, G. Ya. Slepyan, A. A. Khrutchinski, S. A. Maksimenko, F. Rotermund, V. Petrov, O. Steinkellner, F. Rohmund, E. E. B. Campbell, J. Herrmann, I. V. Hertel
Third-harmonic generation in carbon nanotubes: Theory and experiment
in: Proceeding SPIE, 5352 Kong-Thon Tsen, Jin-Joo Song, Hongxing Jiang (Eds.), , (2004) p. 116-125
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A1-P-2003.23J. Viefhaus, S. Cvejanovic, B. Langer, T. Lischke, G. Pr√ľmper, D. Rolles, A. V. Golovin, A. N. Grum-Grzhimailo, N. M. Kabachnik, U. Becker
Energy and angular distributions of electrons emitted by direct double Auger decay
Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 083001/1-4
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A1-P-2003.24M. Grimm, B. Langer, S. Schlemmer, T. Lischke, W. Widdra, D. Gerlich, U. Becker, E. R√ľhl
New setup to study trapped nano-particles using synchrotron radiation
in: AIP Conference Proceedings, Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics, T. Warwick, et. al. (Eds.), , (2004) p. 1062-1065
A1-P-2003.25A. Rosenfeld, D. Ashkenasi
Ultra short laser pulse modification of wave guides
SPIE Proceedings Series 5063 (2004) 478-481
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A1-P-2003.26R. Stoian, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, N. M. Bulgakova, E. E. B. Campbell
Comment on the "Coloumb explosion in femtosecond laser ablation of Si(111)
Applied Physics Letters 85 (2004) 694-695
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A1-P-2004.01B. Winter, R. Weber, P. M. Schmidt, I. V. Hertel, M. Faubel, L. Vrbka, P. Jungwirth
Molecular structure of surface-active salt solutions: Photoelectron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations of aqueous tetrabutyl-ammonium iodide
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (2004) 14558-14564
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A1-P-2004.03F. Elsholz, E. Schöll, C. Scharfenorth, H. Eichler, A. Rosenfeld
Control of surface roughness in amorphous thin film growth
Applied Physics Letters 84 (2004) 4167-4169
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A1-P-2004.06G. Turri, G. Snell, B. Langer, M. Martins, E. Kukk, S. E.Canton, R. C. Bilodeau, N. Cherepkov, J. D. Bozek, A. L. Kilcoyne, N. Berrah
Spin- and angle-resolved spectroscopy of S 2p photoionization in the hydrogen sulfide molecule
Physical Review A 70 (2004) 022515/1-7
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A1-P-2004.07R. Stoian, A. Mermillod-Blondin, S. Winkler, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, M. Spyridaki, E. Koudoumas, C. Fotakis, I. M. Burakov, N. M. Bulgakova
Temporal pulse manipulation and adaptive optimization in ultrafast laser processing of materials
in: SPIE Proceedings, 5662 H. Helvajian, K. Itoh, K. F. Kobayashi, A. Ostendorf, K. Sugioka (Eds.), SPIE, WA, 2004, Bellingham, Washington, USA (2004) p. 593-602
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A1-P-2004.12W. L. Ling, T. Gie√üel, K. Th√ľrmer, R. Q. Hwang, N. C. Bartelt, K. F. McCarty
Crucial role of substrate steps in de-wetting of crystalline thin films
Surface Science 570 (2004) L297-L303
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A1-P-2004.14G. Pr√ľmper, J. Viefhaus, S. Cvejanovic, D. Rolles, O. Gei√üner, T. Lischke, R. Hentges, Ch. Wienberg, W. Mahler, U. Becker, B. Langer, T. Prosperi, N. Zema, St. Turchini, B. Zada, F. Senf
Upper limit for steroselective photodissociation of free amino acide in the vacuum ultraviolet region and at the C1s edge
Physical Review A 69 (2004) 62717/1-7
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A2-P-2003.02C. P. Schulz, P. Claas, D. Schumacher, F. Stienkemeier
Formation and stability of high-spin alkali clusters
Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 013401/1-4
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A2-P-2003.04C. P. Schulz, A. Scholz, I. V. Hertel
Ultrafast energy redistribution in photoexcited sodium-ammonia clusters
Israel Journal of Chemistry, Part B 44 (2004) 19-25
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A2-P-2003.05H. Lippert, V. Stert, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel, W. Radloff
Comparison of ultrafast photoinduced processes in indole(NH3)n and indole(H2O)4 clusters
in: Femtochemistry and Femtobiology: Ultrafast Events in Molecular Science, M. M. Martin, J. T. Hynes (Eds.), Elsevier, Amsterdam (2004) p. 49-52
A2-P-2003.06H.-H. Ritze, H. Lippert, V. Stert, W. Radloff, I. V. Hertel
Theoretical study of the hydrogen atom transfer in the heterodimer indole-ammonia and comparison with experimental results
Journal of Chemical Physics 120 (2004) 3619-3629
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A2-P-2003.07H. Lippert, V. Stert, C. P. Schulz, I. V. Hertel, W. Radloff
Photoinduced hydrogen transfer dynamics in indole-ammonia clusters at different excitation energies
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (2004) 2718-2724
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A2-P-2003.08S. Ullrich, T. Schultz, M. Z. Zgierski, A. Stolow
Direct observation of electronic relaxation dynamics in Adenine via time-resolved photoelecton spectroscopy
Journal of American Chemical Society 126 (2004) 2262-2263
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A2-P-2003.09T. Schultz, S. Ullrich, J. Quenneville, T. J. Martinez, M. Z. Zgierski, A. Stolow
Azobene photoisomerization: Two states and two relaxation pathways explain the violation of Kasha's rule
in: Femtochemistry and Femtobiology: Ultrafast Events in Molecular Science, M. M. Martin, J. T. Hynes (Eds.), , Elsevier, Amsterdam (2004) p. 45-48
A2-P-2003.11V. Stert, H. Lippert, H.-H. Ritze, W. Radloff
Femtosecond time-resolved dynamics of the electronically excited ethylene molecule
Chemical Physics Letters 388 (2004) 144-149
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A2-P-2004.01M. Boyle, M. Heden, C. P. Schulz, E. E. B. Campbell, I. V. Hertel
Two color pump probe study and internal energy dependence of Rydberg state excitation in C60
Physical Review A 70 (2004) 051201/1-4
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A2-P-2004.02H. Lippert, H.-H. Ritze, I. V. Hertel, W. Radloff
Femtosecond time-resolved hydrogen-atom elimination from photoexcited pyrrole molecules
ChemPhysChem 5 (2004) 1423-1427
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A2-P-2004.03G. Droppelmann, O. B√ľnermann, C. P. Schulz, F. Stienkemeier
Formation times of RbHe-exciplexes on the surface of superfluid vs. normalfluid helium nanodroplets
Physical Review Letters 93 (2004) 023402/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2004.04S. Ullrich, T. Schultz, M. Z. Zgierski, A. Stolow
Electronic relaxation dynamics in DNA and RNA bases studied by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (2004) 2796-2801
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2004.05H. Lippert, J. Manz, M. Oppel, G. K. Paramonov, W. Radloff, H.-H. Ritze, V. Stert
Control of breaking strong versus weak bonds of BaFCH3 by femtosecond IR + VIS laser pulses: theory and experiment
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (2004) 4283-4295
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A2-P-2004.06T. Laarmann, A.R. B. de Castro, P. G√ľrtler, W. Laasch, J. Schulz, H. Wabnitz, T. M√∂ller
Interaction of Argon clusters with intense VUV-laser radiation: The role of electronic structure in the energy-deposition process
Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 143401/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2004.14H. Lippert, H.-H. Ritze, I. V. Hertel, W. Radloff
Femtosecond time-resolved analysis of the photophysics of the indole molecule
Chemical Physics Letters 398 (2004) 526-531
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A2-P-2004.17Th. Schultz, E. Samoylova, W. Radloff, I. V. Hertel, A. L. Sobolewski, W. Domcke
Efficient deactivation of a model base pair via excited-state hydrogen transfer
Science 306 (2004) 1765-1768
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A3-P-2002.18S. Fossier, S. Sala√ľn, J. Mangin, O. Bidault, I. Thenot, J.-J. Zondy, W. Chen, F. Rotermund, V. Petrov, P. Petrov, J. Henningsen, A. Yelisseyev, L. Isaenko, S. Lobanov, O. Balachninaite, G. Slekys, V. Sirutkaitis
Optical, vibrational, thermal, electrical, damage and phase-matching properties of lithium thioindate
Journal of Optical Society America B 21 (2004) 1981-2007
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2003.08V. Petrov, V. Badikov, G. Shevyrdyaeva, V. Panyutin, V. Chizhikov
Phase-matching properties and optical parametric amplification in single crystals of AgGaGeS4
Optical Materials 26 (2004) 217-222
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2003.13V. Petrov, F. Noack, D. Shen, F. Pan, G. Shen, X. Wang, R. Komatsu, V. Alex
Application of the nonlinear crystal SrB4O7 for ultrafast diagnostics converting to wavelengths as short as 125 nm
Optics Letters 29 (2004) 373-375
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2003.14V. Petrov, F. Noack, V. Badikov, G. Shevyrdyaeva, V. Panyutin, V. Chizhikov
Phase-matching and femtosecond difference-frequency generation in the quaternary semiconductor AgGaGe5Se12
Applied Optics 43 (2004) 4590-4597
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2003.19V. Petrov, V. Badikov, V. Panyutin, G. Shevyrdyaeva, S. Sheina, F. Rotermund
Mid-IR optical parametric amplification with femtosecond pumping near 800 nm using CdxHg1-xGa2S4
Optics Communications 235 (2004) 219-226
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2003.20V. Petrov, A. Yelisseyev, L. Isaenko, S. Lobanov, A. Titov, J.-J. Zondy
Second harmonic generation and optical parametric amplification in the mid-IR with orthorhombic biaxial crystals LiGaS2 and LiGaSe2
Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics 78 (2004) 543-546
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2003.21N. Zhavoronkov, G. Korn
Regenerative amplification of femtosecond laser pulses in Ti:sapphire at multi-kHz repetition rates
Optics Letters 29 (2004) 198-200
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.01A. P. Yelisseyev, V. A. Drebushchak, A. S. Titov, L. I. Isaenko, S. I. Lobanov, K. M. Lyapunov, V. A. Gruzdev, S. G. Komarov, V. Petrov, J.-J. Zondy
Thermal properties of the midinfrared nonlinear crystal LiInSe2
Journal of Applied Physics 96 (2004) 3659-3665
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.02O. Steinkellner, F. Noack, H.-H. Ritze, W. Radloff, I. V. Hertel
Ultrafast predissociation dynamics of water molecules excited to the electronic C and D states
Journal of Chemical Physics 121 (2004) 1765-1769
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.04G. Ya. Slepyan, A. A. Khrutchinski, A. M. Nemilentsau, S. A. Maksimenko, J. Herrmann
High-order optical harmonic generation on carbon nanotubes: quantum-mechanical approach
International Journal of Nanoscience Series 3 (2004) 343-354
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.05N. Zhavoronkov, Y. Gritsai, G. Korn, T. Elsaesser
Ultra-short efficient laser driven hard X-ray source operated at a kHz repetition rate
Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics 79 (2004) 663-667
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.06M. Rico, J. Liu, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, M. D. Serrano, F. Esteban-Betegón, C. Cascales, C. Zaldo
Tunable laser operation of ytterbium in disordered single crystals of Yb: NaGd(WO4)2
Optics Express 12 (2004) 5362-5367
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.07V. Petrov, F. G√ľell, J. Massons, J. Gavalda, R. M. Sole, M. Aguilo, F. Diaz, U. Griebner
Efficient tunable laser operation of Tm: KGd(WO4)2 in the continuous-wave regime at room temperature
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 40 (2004) 1244-1251
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.09F. Rotermund, C. J. Yoon, V. Petrov, F. Noack, S. Kurimura, N.-E. Yu, K. Kitamura
Application of periodically poled stoichiometric LiTaO3 for efficient optical parametric chirped pulse amplification at 1 kHz
Optics Express 12 (2004) 6421-6427
URL, DOI or PDF-File
A3-P-2004.10A. Husakou, J. Herrmann
Superfocusing of light below the diffraction limit by photonic crystals with negative refraction
Optics Express 12 (2004) 6491-6497
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-M-2004.11P. V. Nickles
Interaction of intense short laser pulses with matter and related applications
ILE- Publications, "Lectures of Guest- Professors" (2004) 150
B1-P-2003.06K. A. Janulewicz, A. Lucianetti, G. Priebe, P. V. Nickles
Review of state-of-the-art and output characteristics of table-top soft X-ray lasers
X-ray Spectrometry 33 (2004) 262-266
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2003.13H. Ruhl, T. Cowan, J. Fuchs
The generation of micro-fiducials in laser-accelerated proton flows, their imaging property of surface structures and application for the characterization of the flow
Physics of Plasmas 11 (2004) L17
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2003.15K. A. Janulewicz, P. V. Nickles, R. E. King, G. J. Pert
Influence of pump pulse structure on a transient collisionally pumped Ni-like Ag X-ray laser
Physical Review A 70 (2004) 013804/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2003.18S. Busch, O. Shirjaev, S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. Schn√ľrer, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner
Shape of ion energy spectra in ultra-short and intense laser-matter interaction
Applied Physics B 78 (2004) 911-914
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2003.19M. Schn√ľrer, S. Ter-Avetisyan, S. Busch, M. P. Kalashnikov, E. Risse, W. Sandner, P. V. Nickles
MeV-proton emission from ultrafast laser-driven microparticles
Appl. Phys. B-Lasers O. 78 (2004) 895-899
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2003.20S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. Schn√ľrer, S. Busch, E. Risse, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner
Spectral Dips in Ion Emission Emerging from Ultrashort Laser-Driven Plasmas
Physical Review Letters 93 (2004) 155006/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2004.01M. Schn√ľrer, D. Hilscher, U. Jahnke, S. Ter-Avetisyan, S. Busch, M. Kalashnikov, H. Stiel, P. V. Nickles, W. Sandner
Explosion characteristics of intense femtosecond-laser driven water droplets
Physical Review E 70 (2004) 056401/1-10
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2004.02S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. Schn√ľrer, S. Busch, P. V. Nickles
Negative ions from liquid microdroplets irratiated with ultrashort and intense laser pulses
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 37 (2004) 3633-3640
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2004.05K. A. Janulewicz, G. Priebe, J. Tuemmler, P. V. Nickles
Single-pulse low-energy-driven transient inversion X-ray lasers
J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron 10 (2004) 1368-1372
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2004.07H. Legall, H. Stiel, U. Vogt, H. Schönnagel, P.-V. Nickles, J. Tuemmler, F. Scholz, F. Scholze
Spatial and spectral characterization of a laser produced plasma source for EUV metrology
Review of Scientific Instruments 75 (2004) 4981-4988
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2004.08U. Vogt, H. Stiel, H. Legall, T. Wilhein
High resolution x-ray absorption spectroscopy using a laser plasma radiation source
Review of Scientific Instruments 75 (2004) 4606-4609
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2004.09A. Lucianetti, K. A. Janulewicz, R. Kroemer, G. Priebe, J. Tuemmler, W. Sandner, P. V. Nickles, V. I. Redkorechev
Transverse spatial coherence of a transient nickellike silver soft-x-ray laser pumped by a single picosecond laser pulse
Optics Letters 29 (2004) 881-883
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B1-P-2004.18D. Ursescu, K. Cassou, A. Klisnick, T. Kuehl, P. Neumayer, P. Nickles, D. Ros, S. Borneis, E. Gaul, W. Geithner, C. Haefner, P. Wiewior
Transient collisionally pumped X-ray laser at Phelix
Italian Physical Society, Conference Contribution of "Atoms and Plasmas in Super-Intense Laser Fields" 88 (2004) 413-418
B2-P-2003.06C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, X. Liu, W. Becker, H. Schomerus
Coulomb repulsion and quantum-classical correspondence in laser-induced nonsequential double ionization
Physical Review A 69 (2004) 021402/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2003.11E. Eremina, X. Liu, H. Rottke, W. Sandner, M. G. Schätzel, A. Dreischuh, G. G. Paulus, H. Walther, R. Moshammer, J. Ullrich
Influence of molecular structure on double ionization of N2 and O2 by high intensity ultrashort laser pulses
Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 173001/1-14
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2003.17M. B. Smirnov, W. Becker
X-ray emission in clusters in a strong electromagnetic field
Physical Review A 69 (2004) 013201/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2003.20D. B. Milosevic, G. G. Paulus, W. Becker
Metering the absolute phase of a few-cycle pulse via its high-order above-threshold ionization spectrum
Laser Physics Letters 1 (2004) 93-99
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2003.21X. Liu, C. Figueira de Morisson Faria
Nonsequential double ionization with few-cycle laser pulses
Physical Review Letters 92 (2004) 133006/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2003.22C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, X. Liu, H. Schomerus, W. Becker
Electron-electron dynamics in laser-induced nonsequential double ionization
Physical Review A 69 (2004) 043405/1-17
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.01X. Liu, H. Rottke, E. Eremina, W. Sandner, E. Goulielmakis, K. O. Keeffe, H. Lezius, F. Krausz, F. Lindner, N. G. Schätzel, G. G. Paulus, H. Walther
Nonsequential double ionization at the single-optical-cycle limit
Physical Review Letters 93 (2004) 263001/1-4
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.02S. V. Fomichev, D. F. Zaretsky, W. Becker
Classical modelling of the nonlinear properties of clusters in strong low-frequency laser fields
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 37 (2004) L175-L182
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.03G. G. Paulus, F. Lindner, D. B. Milosevic, W. Becker
Phase-controlled single-cycle strong field photoionization
Physica Scripta T110 (2004) 120-125
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.05E. Gubbini, G. Kommol, M. Schn√ľrer, H. Sch√∂nnagel, U. Eichmann, M. P. Kalashnikov, P.V. Nickles, F. Eggenstein, G. Reichardt, W. Sandner
"On-line" cleaning of optical components in a multi TW-Ti:Sa laser system
Vacuum 76 (2004) 45-49
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.06F. Ceccherini, N. Davini, D. Bauer, F. Cornolti
Harmonic generation by atoms in circularly polarized fields: fas-off and near resonances regimes
Applied Physics B 78 (2004) 851-854
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.07D. Bauer
Small rare gas clusters in laser fields: ionisation and absorption at long and short laser wavelengths
Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 37 (2004) 3085-3101
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.08D. Bauer
Small rare gas clusters in XUV laser pulses
Applied Physics B 78 (2004) 801-806
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.11H. R. Reiss
Facts and fallacies in strong-field physics
in: Universality and Diversity in Science: Festschrift in honor of Naseem K. Rahman's 60th birthday, W. Becker, M. V. Fedorov (Eds.), , Singapore (2004) p. 151-166
B2-P-2004.13A. Gazibegovic-Busuladzic, D. B. Milosevic, W. Becker
High-energy above-threshold detachment from negative ions
Physical Review A 70 (2004) 053403/1-13
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.19C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, X. Liu, A. Sanpera, M. Lewenstein
Classical and quantum-mechanical treatments of nonsequential double ionization with few-cycle laser pulses
Physical Review A 70 (2004) 043406/1-12
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.20A. Cerkic, D. B. Milosevic
Plateau structures in potential scattering in a strong laser field
Physical Review A 70 (2004) 053402/1-7
URL, DOI or PDF-File
B2-P-2004.22W. Becker, M. V. Fedorov (eds.)
Universality and Diversity in Science
Festschrift in Honor of Naseem K. Rahman's 60th Birthday (2004) 166
B3-P-2002.03I. A. Begishev, M. P. Kalashnikov, V. Karpov, I. A. Kulagin, P. V. Nickles, H. Schönnagel, T. Usmanov
Limitation of second harmonic generation of femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser pulses
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 21 (2004) 318-322
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