4.2 Application Laboratories and Technology Transfer
Project coordinator(s): M. Schnürer, H. Stiel
Subprojects: Overview

List of seleted laboratories available at MBI:


  • pump-laser: 1kHz, 6mJ, 45fs @1kHz
  • THG: 200µJ, 70fs @1.5mJ pump
  • OPA: 1150-2400nm, <40fs, >70µJ @1mJ pump
  • VUV 5th harmonic: 45fs, 2.5µJ, 162nm @3mJ total pump or <20fs, >100nJ
  • tunable VUV: 147-152nm, <40fs, 100nJ @3mJ total pump

HHG beamline (currently on the move to Freie University Berlin)

  • pump-laser: 1.5mJ, 40fs @10kHz
  • HHG: 20-40eV (available), up to 100eV projected; pulse duration after monochromator 100fs@35eV (measured); 150fs@/0eV (projected)
  • synchronous fs-pulse for optical pumping: 40fs, 150µJ@790nm
  • interface for experimental endstation compatible with BESSY II


  • operation w/o shaping: 5mJ, 25-80fs (adjustable) @1kHz
  • operation with shaping:
    ouput of uncompressed frontend (3mJ) will be divided in 2 pulses
    a) one part is compressed, the second part is amplified in an additional multi-pass amplifier and compressed after
    b) first part is compresse again, second part is shaped an amplified befor compression
  • shaper based on SLM-S 640/12 is used to produce shaped (optimzed) pulses (example)

MultiColor II-lab

  • up to three independent tunable pulses with adjustable relative delay
  • two beams converted by TOPAS (optical parametric amplifier): 235nm-2.4µm, <60fs, >10µJ @1kHz, 1mJ pump@800nm
  • SHG, THG, FHG: 2µJ@200nm, <90fs; 100µJ@266nm, 70fs; 300µJ@400nm, 50fs
  • DFM : up to 10µm, >1µJ, 100fs


  • pump-laser: 45fs, 5mJ@1kHz, 800nm
  • UV/VIS-TOPAS: tunable from 260 nm until 1.2 µm, 3-400µJ, 70fs @3 mJ
  • home-built tunable mid-IR parametric: 2.7-12 µm, 100-150fs, >1-3µJ @400 µJ pump
  • special detection system: monochromator-mid-IR diode array enabling frequency-resolved detection of the mid-infrared
  • experimental set-ups:
    UV/VIS-pump-IR-probe (existing),
    (transient) 2D-IR photon echo set-up (planned end of 2012/early 2013)