1.1 Fundamentals of Extreme Photonics
Project coordinator(s): O. Smirnova, F. Intravaia
At present the project is organized in two topics, each focussing on several related questions:


Nonlinear optics down to the few cycle limit

  • Investigation of the higher-order Kerr effect
  • Measurement of the lifetime of nonlinear third order polarizations
  • Adaptive control of ultrashort wavepacket in space and time (further informations)
  • supercontinuum generation in gas-filled hollow fibers
  • nonlinear processes in microstructure materials and microstructure fibers

Extreme wavelengths and attosecond pulse generation

  • Generation of sub-50fs tunable VUV pulses at kHz repetition rate
  • HHG assisted by plasmon field enhancement in nanostructures (theor.)
  • Propagation effects of HHG for XUV pulse shaping (theor.)
  • Isolated attosecond pulse generation by HHG in the long-focusing geometry (more details)
  • HHG at MHz repetition rates (more information)
  • New principle of HHG amplifiers and THz amplifiers (theor.)