CMDS 2012
CMDS 2012

6th International Conference on Coherent Multidimensional   Spectroscopy


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The conference is held in the city of Berlin, Germany. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is the seat of the Federal Government, the Federal Parliament and numerous other political and public institutions. With its 3.4 million inhabitants, Berlin is the largest city of Germany. Berlin is an international center of science and education where 3 universities together with many public and private research institutions cover a broad range from humanities to science and engineering. It is well known as a cultural center with world-class museums, opera houses and theaters.

The venue of CMDS 2012 is the Hotel Berlin located in the center of Berlin close to the Tiergarten area and many sightseeing locations and other attractions.


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Date Oct 21,2011, © photos: T. Elsaesser